Kodiak Frame

These pictures are a portion of my Timber frame history, projects we've completed, and adventures we've had. Working big timber on the ground, then seeing the architecture fully assembled on site as a load-bearing structure has always been close to my heart. I hope you enjoy the pictures we've put together. It's just another example of the direction a man can take when he has a sawmill in his hand.

 Kodiak Frame truck to Alaska
Loaded truck off to Alaska
Kodiak Frame loading Fishing Vessel Bristol Leader
Loading the frame and supplies onto Fishing Vessel Bristol Leader sailing to Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak Frame getting bearings
Getting our bearings
Kodiak Frame laying floor
Laying our first floor
Kodiak Frame tongue and groove subfloor
Ready for the tongue and groove subfloor
Kodiak Frame platform main floor
New platform for the main floor
Kodiak Frame first bent lift ready
First bent assembled and ready to lift
Kodiak Frame first bent fits
Sweet! It fits!
Kodiak Frame fits bent standing
I'm thinking it's going to be safe to climb on.
Kodiak Frame hammer beam
Second bent hammer beam
Kodiak Frame bents girts rafter
Squaring up the main portion adding girts and rafters.
Kodiak Frame roof fall
Got a roof on and some shelter because fall is coming fast!
Kodiak Frame Douglas fir ash
The entire frame is constructed of Douglas fir with Ash splines and pegs.
Kodiak Frame library hammer beam
Library hammer beam is coming together nicely.
Kodiak Frame first snow
First snow! I better get moving!
Kodiak Frame sky and sunshine
A little blue sky and sunshine is always appreciated.
Kodiak Frame He speaks
He speaks for Himself.
Kodiak Frame Dutch hip roof
Ready to add the Dutch hip roof on the forward portion.
Kodiak Frame straight lines
Nice day and straight lines.
Kodiak Frame LEDs rafters
Fully dried in LED lights above principal rafters
Kodiak Frame rafter lighting detector
Rafter lighting was put on a motion detector switch so when it sees you the whole room lights up like a full moon.
Kodiak Frame purlins lighting
Raised purlins provide a nice chase way for lighting.
Kodiak Frame laminated arch hammer beam
Custom laminated arch in hammer beam bent
Kodiak Frame 5
Kodiak Frame
Kodiak Frame 8
Kodiak Frame
Kodiak Frame 9
Kodiak Frame
Kodiak Frame 10
Kodiak Frame